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It does not deserve a star. DO NOT BUY FROM AJRICHIES

I ordered a Canon t5i ( body only) at $349.00. I was sent an email to call a number. I was put on hold for ten minutes. The person on the line began the old game of Bait and... See MoreSwitch. He starts to explain to me that this Canon t5i was an import model from China and the touch screen language is only in Chinese. I asked why the description on the website did not say this for I would have not chosen this camera. I for one have no idea why you would even offer this Chinese language model to an American consumer unless you wanted to draw people in by the low price. They then have me call them and try to sell me the correct camera at a much higher price of $750.00. (No lens) body only.
I told the operator to cancel the order and he told me it's already been processed. I told him I still wanted it canceled because I know that we as consumers have 24 hours to cancel. He was dismissive sounding in his tone and said okay. He said he had to transfer me to billing and abruptly hung up on me.
I quickly went to my online checking account and transferred all my money but $10.00 to savings so to stop Ajrichie from withdrawing any money. It worked. A few minute later I received an email from Ajrichie saying their attempt to withdraw money was refused because of lack of funds, lol.

I finally bought my camera from my local camera store, no hassles , no problems. I also feel good about supporting a local business.

Moral of story, always,always do online research.
By gravatar TracyL2 (New User) - on Apr 08, 2014 - 20:04 | report
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From my one time (so far at least) experience, I would give AJrichies 4.5 stars, but I rounded up to 5 rather than down to adjust for all the bad raps...

My story is as follows:
In spite of all the NUMEROUS really bad reviews on sites I found from all the... See Morereview places, I decided to give AJRichies a try anyway, blinded by price.
The were offering a Sony RX100 camera for $540 (vs. the $650 everywhere else).
(Plus they were throwing in a few little extra freebies, like small tripod and cleaning kit, etc.)
The numerous reviews warned of getting used stuff, getting dinged with huge extra charges, and simply getting orders cancelled and never shipped because the client failed to purchase extra accessories.

Happily, my experience was nothing of the sort.
My only slight complaint is that it took over 2 weeks to get it, but the wait was well worth the savings, and I did opt for the free (slow) shipping option.

The other item of interest was that they sent a Japanese model rather than a US one, which worried me about the warranty, so I called Sony cust service and they confirmed that there would be no problem fully honoring the warranty since I purchased it in the US, and in fact, the fact that it was made in Japan (unlike manyof the US models which are made all over, many of which in China), was actually highly sought after, so was actually a positive, not negative.

Further, I decided to use the money I saved to purchase an extended 4 year warranty. No, I didn't buy the AJrichies one, rather, the manufacturer one directly from SONY was more attractive. It was $79 for a fll factory 4 year (or $149 for a 4 year with accidental damages included).
So total, I ended up paying $540 (AJrichies for camera) + $86 (4 year warranty extension after tax) = $626 - Still $24 less than ANYWHERE else I found, but a wonderful 4 years factory/SONY warranty thrown in!
I never buy extended warranties, but in this case, such a nice camera, and the fact that such items only last me about 2 years before something wares out on them... I decided to get it.

Bottom line, I'm glad I followed my "Jewish :-)" instincts to save money instead of listening to all the horrid reviews which from my one time (so far) experience, are simply not valid.

BTW - regarding accessories, yes, they did suggest I consider the somewhat overpriced extended battery upon my initial purchase, however, they did not pressure me, and when I said "no thanks", they responded, "very well, then we'll process your camera", and sure enough, they really did and I now have it in hand and am delighted !
By gravatar LeeB2 (New User) - on Jul 09, 2013 - 20:47 | report
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Fortunately I didn't get as far as ordering from them. I had a question as to which camera was the best for me. Called off and on for over an hour. The phone would be answered and I was immediately put on hold. Finally got through and the sales rep... See Moretried to get me to buy a much more expensive camera. Then I asked him a question about the battery that came with the camera and was told it was only a "demo" and had a very short life so I needed to buy another one at over $150+ (it is a $49 dollar battery). I asked him to check on it and was put on hold. Hung up after 5 minutes. Can't imagine what would have happened if I had ordered from them and had a problem. Went elsewhere, paid a little more but know that I will get what I paid for and have great customer service should I need it. Do not be fooled by the low prices on the website they are completely bogus.
By gravatar DorisE (New User) - on May 07, 2013 - 22:39 | report
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Ordered over 2 months ago. They said the camera I ordered wasnt in stock and were waiting on them to come in. I called weekly for a month or so and they kept saying that they hadnt come in yet. The last person I talked to said it... See Morewould be 2 weeks. I waited 3 weeks and called back, this person , who was the rudest person I have ever delt with in all my days, Ext. 203, said my info was not right and my order had been canceled. No phone call, no email, no nothing. So I looked up my info and everything was correct. I ask for someone else to talk to and he informed me there was no one higher up than he to speek with and hung up on me. Since this, I have been online and it appears that this place of business is not good for resolving these types of matters.
By gravatar KerryG (New User) - on Apr 22, 2013 - 21:27 | report
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When I called them to say I was unhappy with the product they HUNG UP ON ME! I've had nothing but a bad experience with them from the beginning! I can't imagine them ever having a return costumer! Please do not buy from them! These people are setting themselves up... See Morefor some serious bad karma!
By gravatar BoniF (New User) - on Jan 30, 2013 - 22:22 | report
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OK -- stay away from this company. Even tho we got the camera and all looks to be well, it was a terrible experience dealing with this company and their representatives. The sales people were rude, high pressure, fast talking, and not helpful if I had a question.... See More I was told on 12/6/12 that shipping was to be upgraded and expedited yet it took 14 days to get here. The big plus is the price which was very very good but every other experience with this company was horrible!
By gravatar gprice58 (New User) - on Dec 19, 2012 - 22:02 | report
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I ordered a Nikon D-90 on December 1 for my daughter's birthday Jan 1. Got email to call them Dec 5. On that call they verified billing and tried to sell me a memory card I declined. Never got any email confirmation from the company. finally... See Moreemailed them back on December 15. Got response the next day to call them. Called them on a sunday 16th. They claimed they emailed me that the camera was back ordered. told them in fact they emailed me to call so they could sell me a memory card. Asked to have a supervisor call me Monday. when none did, I called them back on Monday and waited on hold multiple times and finally cancelled the order. Asked to speak to a supervisor. Customer service came on and said would not know about the order for 30 days as they were being filled by a fulfillment center somewhere else. The rep blamed it on Hurricaine Sandy! I cancelled order. I am not used to this sort of service from internet sellers as generally they want a good rating. Worst internet sales experience I have had.
By gravatar lancaster (New User) - on Dec 17, 2012 - 23:12 | report
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Expensive lesson. - Never had a company blatantly lie like this one. Ordered a new Canon camera from them as they appeared to have the best price. After several days got a message that needed to contact me. Called back and the rep said that the camera did not come... See Morewith a battery and that it was a new model and would not accept current memory cards. Seemed strange but he repeated this several times. Not used to out and out lies, I ordered the additional product for about $190. Of course the camera came with a battery and my memory card works fine. I have been trying to call them to return the unneeded items, but their phone line is not being answered, and looking now at company reviews I am not expecting any success.
By gravatar jat11 (New User) - on Nov 27, 2012 - 16:45 | report
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A complete and total scam. They showed a good price on a Panasonic FZ200 digital camera so I made the purchase. After 2 weeks (website says 3 to 5 days - it was 14), the representative from the company called to confirm address, etc., and then informed me that of... See Morecourse I knew I was purchasing a "gray market" camera that Panasonic would not honor the warranty for. He then proceeded to tell me that of course, they carry the US version for $130 more. After telling him that that was fraud, he told me that I HAD to know the reason the price was so low was it was a gray market camera. He implied it was my fault that I believed their website, which in no way mentions anything about the products being "gray products".

He also told me that the MSRP for the camera was $749, when Panasonic is selling it for $599. When brought to his attention, he just said, "well, whatever the price is, this is lower so you can't expect to get the warranty." Love a knowledgeable sales rep - I'm sure when somebody buys the camera for $649, he tells them they're getting a $100 savings, rather than explaining if you buy it through the manufacturer, it will be $50 cheaper!

Stay away from these lowlifes. Just another on-line ripoff joint.
By gravatar AJRitchiesFraud (New User) - on Oct 16, 2012 - 18:49 | report
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Just ordered product. I'll update on the follow up service.
By gravatar CNg (New User) - on Dec 22, 2011 - 05:17 | report
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