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Don't book any ticket from flighthub. Very bad customer service. They booked 2 tickets for me and my husband. We supposed to travel together; I just found our flight number is different. I called them and explained the mistake that was actually done by their agent to one of them... See Morecalled CLARK. He ended my call, and put my number on their auto reject list. I called them again by hidden number, they ended my call again. Anyway, after calling for almost 2 hours, they forward me to other numbers, over and over, and last time I called I asked to talk to the same guy (CLARK), they said there is no one there called CLARK.
It is a SCAM, never ever use it.
By gravatar JinusS (New User) - on Apr 15, 2014 - 21:07 | report
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NEVER EVER USE THIS SITE IT IS A BIG BIG SCAM AND IN THERE IS NO PLACE TO PUT A COMPLAINT AND THOSE U DEAL WITH ARE TOTAL NEURONELESS. Twice I booked a ticket twice it says it has been confirmed and each time it has been cancelled. I... See Morecalled 10 times to complain each time i was told a different story. Finally it appeared the system did not accept the type of card i used and there was no mention concerning this fact. The Customer representatives were rude impolite unable to answer my question and the e-mail I was provided with to put a complain was a wrong one. And there is no possibility to talk to a supervisor. It the the dirtiest site ever. never ever use it
By gravatar InessO (New User) - on Apr 01, 2014 - 23:08 | report
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Searched for a particular flight on www.cheapflightsfinder.com as usual. Found a decent price, {so it appeared anyway}, on www.flighthub.com. Upon selecting the particular flight and paying with a credit card I was issued a receipt to print and a conformation was sent to my Email account. Seemed routine and the... See Moretransaction was fine. ...{"WRONG!!"}...
The next morning I received an email stating "YOUR RESERVATION REQUIRES IMMEDIATE ATTENTION! Unfortunately, the fare you have recently booked has changed and you are required to give us a call. You can reach one of our travel specialist by calling us toll-free at 1-800-711-1755. In the event we do not hear from you within the next few hours, your reservation will be cancelled. We are sorry for the inconveniences it may have caused."
Really?!! Since when does a company who receives payment for a ticket turn around within 12 hours and say "the ticket price went up over night?" The ticket I purchased was for the amount of $419 R/T. However the next morning this company says that the price went up to $573 R/T. If I don't pay the new price my ticket purchase will be cancelled. Ummm.... This purchase already happened. How does this arrogant ticket agency come off with cancelling my purchase if I don't pay their new ransom? I'm extremely appalled! When questioning the so called "specialist"on this unheard of action, the "specialist" had no answers to their policies.
Now for something really twisted. After cancelling with this Joke of a ticket agency I went back to www.cheapflightsfinder.com, entered the desired flight information and once again www.flighthub.com comes up with the same flight at the same price I had payed, $419 R/T. "SCAM OPERATION"! So I widened my ticket agency search and just about all others had the same flight for $410 R/T. Orbits.com got the sale and I bought tickets from an honest trustworthy business in which I had used in the past.
The positive reviews on this site, No doubt in my mind, are linked to Flighthub directly. Don't trust these reviews and to keep your sanity "DO NOT MAKE A TRANSACTION WITH THESE CLOWNS"! email your friends and family and warn them to keep away from these crooks while searching for airline tickets. They are no good.
And lastly... I will be contacting the Attorney General's office, seeking action to protect airline consumers from this pathetic business.
By gravatar NealR (New User) - on Mar 18, 2014 - 14:06 | report
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This is my first (and last) time I will use Flight Hub. Even thought they has low prices (but really no different then expedia or any other service like this) there policies suck.

I just booked my flight to Costa Rica and 2 days later the prices were... See Morereduced, unfortunately I couldn't get in touch with anyone because there offices were closed. Which brought up another interesting point; if I needed to cancel or talk to someone about my flight or if there were any problems with my flight I wouldn't be able to get in touch with anyone. Thankfully the reduced price was still posted today so I called into see if I could get the reduced price…they said NO. To quote the flight hub representative, Nick, they will not honour any price reductions. They posted price at the time you buy your ticket is the price you pay and you can't change it. This is ridiculous.

Do yourself a favour everyone. Go with Expedia, they at least will honour the price drop.
By gravatar TrentM (New User) - on Mar 03, 2014 - 23:09 | report
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Horrible Customer Service! Rude, robotic, cheap, unconsidered thieves! Never ever use them! All nice ratings are faked by them. They harass customers and speak and treat customer despicably. Managers never call back! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By gravatar AlexandraL2 (New User) - on Dec 26, 2013 - 21:02 | report
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DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!! I repeat DO NOT!!! My son, who is currently serving in Afghanistan just bought a ticket for his post deployment leave. While doing so with this site he received a "DECLINED" status. Which has since been clarified on what it means. Not the... See Moreticket status but the insurance even though there is not one word or statement about insurance nest to the DECLINED field. Being that his connection there is not the best he figured it did not go through so he went to a different site & successfully purchased the exact same ticket with the same airline for the same dates & times. Turns out flight hubs ticket actually went through. They would not refund his $$ & are only offering a credit. However trying to use that credit to purchase a ticket for a different travel date has been like pulling teeth. I was told today I had to call back M-F during business hours to take care of it because apparently now they have to have some sort of waiver code before they can make the change. Unbelievable!!! It upsets me that when it comes to our military who have been away from home for many months & are anxious to get home, that when issues like this arrive they are given a hard time. Flighthub could have been just refunded the $$ instead they chose to make it difficult to rectify the situation. A situation that would NOT HAVE OCCURED if their site would not have shown him a big red "DECLINED". So again DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!!
By gravatar DawnM2 (New User) - on Jul 14, 2013 - 22:22 | report
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I would not book any ticket with Flight Hub, they are not efficient. I booked my flight with them and asked them to take the full payment on my card. They insisted I just make a deposit to hold the sit and pay the remainder before 24hrs which I did.... See MoreOn the day of my flight, they came back to say my card never went through, that I must not have money in my account(not true), Note as of that day, I checked in with the reference no I was given and it was ok. They now proceeded to tell me because my card never went through, several days after I might add and that my flight was cancelled, I should therefore pay close to £200 more. It looks like scam to me..
By gravatar JumokeA (New User) - on Jun 10, 2013 - 16:02 | report
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I don't understand how they manage to provide such great prices while giving such great service. I've booked several times with Flighthub over the past few months and it's been great that they deliver the tickets within 10 seconds. I`ve had so many bad experiences with other sites that take
... See More forever to give me real confirmation.
By gravatar MatthewK (New User) - on Jan 30, 2013 - 05:59 | report
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Simply excellent service. Really cheap flight tickets. Constantly cheaper for at least $15-30. I don't know why this site is not so popular but definitely recommend it.
By gravatar lexx (New User) - on Dec 12, 2012 - 16:38 | report
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